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Anytime the American Bully or American Pitbull Terrier is brought up in conversation, the first thing most of us think is “Razor’s Edge.” These Pitbulls are the most renowned and recognized American Pitbull Terrier bloodlines ever. The Razor’s Edge lineage is responsible for being the foundation of several popular and impressive pit bull and bully bloodlines today. This is why the dogs of this bloodline are so recognizable. They are part of many a dog’s pedigree. If you choose a Razor’s Edge pitbull as a pet, you are choosing a high quality dog that was created by the selective breeding of large and full-bodied pitbulls, Amstaffs, etc. They are almost always known for their impressive temperament and true-to-the-breed stature. This bloodline will never disappoint. It is truly is a remarkable line.

Here is our sire Cain. He is the old style 100% Razors Edge bully. Razors edge pitbulls like him are not easy to come by these days.

What a boy we got here! Meet Grimace; 100% Razors Edge - He flaunts over 13 champs and grand champions in only seven generations. He is the grandson of both ABBA/ABKC Champ Huggins’ Steeljaw Kennel’s Rhino and ABKC Grand Champion Ohoophee Rivers’ Blade of Southern Pride Pitbulls! His pedigree is on fire… Names like Ultimate Blues’ Villain, Ultimate Blues’ Quake, RE’s Purple Rose of Cairo, Short Shot, and RE’s Manu, to name just a few. He is short, has a nice chest spread, and has a big ole’ headpiece. Keep an eye on him. We expect great things from this boy in the future.

Meet our gentle giant, Novacaine. 100% Razors Edge. She is a granddaughter of heavy hitters like RE’s Viagra, RE’s Manu, Ultimate Blues’ Villian, RE’s Lil Cairo, Short Shot, RE’s Purple Rose of Cairo, Pacman, Truelines’ Soljah of Southbound, Thing, Truelines’ Blue Steel, and Ultimate Blues Quake. That’s not all. This girl is stacked with over 12 champion and grand champions in her blood in just seven generations. She descends from ABKC Champ and BKC Grand Champion the Samurai Paco, ABKC Champ Neo, ABKC Champ Heff, and of course UKC Champ Manu. No doubt what this girl is going to grow into. Stay tuned!

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