Old Family Rednose

This type of dog can be described as a loyal, agile, physically fit, and assertive companion. The Old Family Red Nose American Pitbull Terrier is more than just a red pitbull with a red nose. The OFRN is actually a variety of pitbull recognized by the red-to-copper nose, red toe nails, red coat, and amber –colored or rust-red eyes. However, these characteristics are not the only thing that makes for an Old Family Red. This variety of pitbull has a lineage established as far back as the very early 1900’s and has been associated with Irish immigrants in America; the name refers to a line or family of dogs bred mostly for the above mentioned characteristics. Through selective and directed breeding among a group of colleagues, the Old Family Red Nose was produced. The lighter-colored red dogs were the most desired from the litters, and again used as breeding stock. Thus, the OFRN was born. Now, this distinctive bloodline has been crossed with other bloodlines, and is not as true to the name as it was in the earlier days. The history of the Old Family Red can’t be summarized in just one paragraph – we recommend that you do further reading on this beautiful and classic pitbull.

This is our old family rednose Ruby. She is our only OFRN as of right now, we would love to get a male for her to breed with to keep this bloodline going strong in the future.

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Our dogs with the old family rednose bloodline in them !


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